The End of the Road

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What do Year 5 Girls Like to Read?

This group of girls were tasked with reviewing a handful of books from the Senior School library to rate their appeal for classmates. A serious discussion followed, and some of the books went home to be read! A successful result all round!

yr 5 1 june 17 3yr 5 1 june 17 5Yr 5 1 June 17

Library Lessons – Year 3 and Year 5

The year 5 class were absorbed by a competitive team event that asked them to shelve books on a bookcase – which wasn’t actually what it would seem to be from the description!

Paper shelves, laminated “book ends” and a set of non-fiction books with spine labels (also laminated) were handed out to 6 teams of 4 after a brief video on Dewey and a physical demonstration at our closest set of real shelves. Then the race was on!

Year 3 enjoyed a story about a little boy who thought he could read everything (but actually couldn’t read yet!): The Great and Wondrous Storyteller by Michael Scott Parkinson

Year 3 2Year 3 3Year 3 4

National Simultaneous Story Time 2017

There was a lot going on today, which impacted attendance in our Handbury Library for the reading of The Cow tripped Over The Moon. Two small people arrived to share with Mr Nelson and enjoyed every moment of the story, as you can see by their faces.

The Early Learning Centre students attended the Middle Years Positive Education Centre and shared the book with Miss Ross’ Year 6 class.

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A group of students of mixed ages also attended one of  our local residential care settings and read to the elderly.

It all adds to the many children and adults across Australia who shared this book across Australia today.

This is what we did at the Senior School.

In Just One Minute! (Or maybe a few more!)

“In One Minute’s Silence, you are the story, and the story is yours – to imagine, remember and honour the brothers in arms on both sides of the conflict, heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives.

A moving and powerful reflection on the meaning of Remembrance Day.”

This comes straight from the book to our hearts and the contents were well received by our Year 5 students.

You can see details of the book here, and see how well year 5 were listening in the images below.

year 5 11 mayyear 5 12 may 2Year 5 12 May 3

How Cool Is Our Library Looking Mr. Nelson?

The Handbury Library is looking great – thanks to the work being done by Mr. Nelson and the Junior Branch classes.

Year 5, the only class Mrs. Simkin gets to work with, appear in most of the photographs to date (try searching Year 5 as a tag – but realise that you will see previous Year 5 classes as well).

Last week (and this week) we have been working on our “save the Library” theme – as set by Mr. Nelson. It was a small class last week as some students were at the inter-school athletics.

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The rest of the space is a glowing example of what magic our primary library holds, as you can see below: