What do Year 5 Girls Like to Read?

This group of girls were tasked with reviewing a handful of books from the Senior School library to rate their appeal for classmates. A serious discussion followed, and some of the books went home to be read! A successful result all round!

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National Simultaneous Story Time 2017

There was a lot going on today, which impacted attendance in our Handbury Library for the reading of The Cow tripped Over The Moon. Two small people arrived to share with Mr Nelson and enjoyed every moment of the story, as you can see by their faces.

The Early Learning Centre students attended the Middle Years Positive Education Centre and shared the book with Miss Ross’ Year 6 class.

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A group of students of mixed ages also attended one of  our local residential care settings and read to the elderly.

It all adds to the many children and adults across Australia who shared this book across Australia today.

This is what we did at the Senior School.

How Cool Is Our Library Looking Mr. Nelson?

The Handbury Library is looking great – thanks to the work being done by Mr. Nelson and the Junior Branch classes.

Year 5, the only class Mrs. Simkin gets to work with, appear in most of the photographs to date (try searching Year 5 as a tag – but realise that you will see previous Year 5 classes as well).

Last week (and this week) we have been working on our “save the Library” theme – as set by Mr. Nelson. It was a small class last week as some students were at the inter-school athletics.

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The rest of the space is a glowing example of what magic our primary library holds, as you can see below:




Year 5 in our new Library space


16 Feb 2017 saw all three Library staff available to assist Year 5 with their lessons. Mr Nelson, Head of our Junior School, who is taking Library lessons across the campus this year, led this week’s lesson, assisted by our teacher-librarian, Mrs Simkin, and our Library assistant, Mrs Smith, who can attend once per fortnight. The lesson commenced with an online story:

To Be A Drum read by James Earl Jones


The class was able to make use of our new teaching space, which has an interactive white board, a variety of tables for working on, non-fiction and reference books. They were able to sit in comfort using our new donut floor cushions, which have just arrived. These are great because they also have a waterproof cover so we may be able to go outside and sit underneath the big oak tree for some reading time too!


The story was beautifully illustrated – and told the story of the slaves getting to create their voice in their new homelands in North America.


Once the story finished, students completed a treasure hunt activity which got them interacting with our collection in a number of ways.


They were challenged to find fiction titles by their various author based classifications.


This allowed the opportunity to look at  some of the new and display items.


Non-fiction categories were mastered with the aid of some colourful charts which have often been overlooked by these same students in earlier years.


Picture fiction was closely observed to work out how the shelves are ordered.


Old favourites were rediscovered along the way.


Some parts of the task required more concentration.


And it was great to see peers coaching each other!


Our self-appointed donut cushion manager for Year 5 did a great job of collecting them all and placing them onto their storage poles in a very sensible manner.


Borrowing formed the penultimate and perhaps most important task.


And the lesson ended with a sports clip…just because it was fun!



What Can You Tell About A Book From Its Cover?

Mon5Pairs and threes were give a brown paper parcel and a sheet of questions.

The first thing said:

“Inside this package is a book. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE!”


Then students were asked:

  1. From the size of your book do you think it comes from the Fiction, Non-Fiction or Picture Fiction section?
Tick Section
Picture Fiction


They had to make a judgment purely on the size and shape of the package.

Then they had to work out:

  1. What sort of spine label would you expect it to have:
Tick Type of label



There was a blurb from the back of a book stuck to one side of the package.


Some blurbs were longer than others but student had to make judgments about appealing and uninteresting words contained in the passage and answer the following:

Yes or No Question
Is this blurb written in an interesting way?
Would you be interested in reading this book?
Do you think this book is right for Year 5 students to read?
Do you think you have read a book like this one?
Do you think you have read a book by the same author?

Then there was the challenge of matching the blurb to an image of the cover from 12 images provided.

Just to be tricky, the book inside the package was not necessarily the one that matched the blurb. There was much excitement as packages were opened and the “real” book located amongst the class.

While waiting for the great reveal at the end of the lesson students spent some time reading quietly.


Students and staff voted this the best lesson so far this year!