Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016

T’was the night after the reading challenge and all through the school, the students had realised that books are indeed cool.

Their brains are now full with new places they’ve been and have dreams of the next challenge list that is yet to be seen.

(Think the night before Christmas – library style!)

Yes, the rumours are true, the Premier’s Reading Challenge has finished as of Sept 9th and I am happy to report that we have 13 students who have successful read enough books to meet the challenge! Great work everyone. The following are the names of the successful students and their year levels.

Year 1: Luke M

Year 3: Eleanor T

Year 4: Macey H, Meg O, Olivia M

Year 5: Charlotte M, Gabe M, Luke M, Harley M

Year 7: Ruby P

Year 9: Kate M, Louise M

Year 10: Niamh J





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