Year 5 in our new Library space


16 Feb 2017 saw all three Library staff available to assist Year 5 with their lessons. Mr Nelson, Head of our Junior School, who is taking Library lessons across the campus this year, led this week’s lesson, assisted by our teacher-librarian, Mrs Simkin, and our Library assistant, Mrs Smith, who can attend once per fortnight. The lesson commenced with an online story:

To Be A Drum read by James Earl Jones


The class was able to make use of our new teaching space, which has an interactive white board, a variety of tables for working on, non-fiction and reference books. They were able to sit in comfort using our new donut floor cushions, which have just arrived. These are great because they also have a waterproof cover so we may be able to go outside and sit underneath the big oak tree for some reading time too!


The story was beautifully illustrated – and told the story of the slaves getting to create their voice in their new homelands in North America.


Once the story finished, students completed a treasure hunt activity which got them interacting with our collection in a number of ways.


They were challenged to find fiction titles by their various author based classifications.


This allowed the opportunity to look at  some of the new and display items.


Non-fiction categories were mastered with the aid of some colourful charts which have often been overlooked by these same students in earlier years.


Picture fiction was closely observed to work out how the shelves are ordered.


Old favourites were rediscovered along the way.


Some parts of the task required more concentration.


And it was great to see peers coaching each other!


Our self-appointed donut cushion manager for Year 5 did a great job of collecting them all and placing them onto their storage poles in a very sensible manner.


Borrowing formed the penultimate and perhaps most important task.


And the lesson ended with a sports clip…just because it was fun!




Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2016

T’was the night after the reading challenge and all through the school, the students had realised that books are indeed cool.

Their brains are now full with new places they’ve been and have dreams of the next challenge list that is yet to be seen.

(Think the night before Christmas – library style!)

Yes, the rumours are true, the Premier’s Reading Challenge has finished as of Sept 9th and I am happy to report that we have 13 students who have successful read enough books to meet the challenge! Great work everyone. The following are the names of the successful students and their year levels.

Year 1: Luke M

Year 3: Eleanor T

Year 4: Macey H, Meg O, Olivia M

Year 5: Charlotte M, Gabe M, Luke M, Harley M

Year 7: Ruby P

Year 9: Kate M, Louise M

Year 10: Niamh J





Image result for winners

Following on from my last post about which students were in the draws for prizes, I am happy to announce the winners.

Prizes will be handed out in assembly on Tuesday!

1st Place Prize goes to… Meg

2nd Place Prize goes to… Jasper

2rd Place Prize… Chantal

Encouragment Award… Molly

Book Week Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday, during book week, the Library committee thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt related to the short listed books from this years Children’s Book Council of Australia books. Despite some rather terrible weather we had quite a few participants and it was great to see the smaller children getting help from their older peers, including a few lovely year 6’s who were willing to help out some very grateful Prep children.

I made up a sheet of riddles, hints and places to look and all of our library committee members ran around hanging up laminated versions of the book covers. The way it worked was that students could work individually, or in groups, and read a clue. Then there was a hint and a clue as to where to look. Once they found the right place there would be 3 book covers to look at. The cover that matched the clue was the one they needed to write down.

Due to the weather and the amount of running that was happening, I didn’t get any pictures, but I have collected all the sheets and found out that we had many individuals and groups who got between 7 and 9 out of a possible 9 answers correct. Great job everyone, as some of them were quite tricky! Here is a copy of the clues so that everyone can have a look at just how hard it was:

Book Week Scavenger Hunt-page-001

Here is a list of those students who got a perfect score and are in the draw for the 1st place prize: Jack, Minnie, Skye, Izzi, Meg, Libby, Zoe W, Sienna, Sybil, Zoe K, Maggie, and Diamon.

Students who scored 8 out of a possible 9 and are in the draw for the second place prize: Sam O, Archer, Stirling, Olivia, Sophie, Josh, Sam L, Will S, and Jasper.

Students who scored 7 out of a possible 10 and are in the draw for the third place prize: Emma, Chantal, Bella, Chloe H.

There were also several students who gave the hunt their best and didn’t quite qualify for a prize, but I was so impressed that they had a go at it, especially considering some of them are young and would have had to use every ounce of reading ability they had just to find the locations, let alone get any questions right and they attempted it on their own! So impressed with these little troopers in year 1: Charlie H, Finley, Ned, Molly, and Laura.

Seeing as this activity was so well received we might try it again for a different event! Watch out for the next scavenger hunt challenge.


Book Week Fun

EDIT: I sincerely apologise that this was not live yesterday, I made an error when posting by blog and it didn’t publish to the public!! How embarassing.

WE DID IT! Yesterday we got to see all of the children dressed up in their finest book inspired costumes. It was, to say the least fantastic, and I spent the morning wandering around the Junior School having a look at all the effort that went into creating some super costumes.

We had handsome princes, jellyfish, Robin Hood, several characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a handful of Wizards, some serious Lord of the Ring homages and, as always, a couple of very adorable princesses.

Having been my first book week with The Hamilton and Alexandra College, I must say that the effort put in by the students (and probably some crafty parents, grandparents or other awesome people) was outstanding. Congrats to everyone, you all looked amazing.

The teachers got in on the fun as well, dressing up in MANY items from the book Shoes from Grandpa. Although, the best dressed teacher didn’t follow our theme and showed up as the Mad Hatter – well done Mrs. O’Brien!

Here is a list of all of the dress-up winners as chosen by the library committee!

ELC: Sophie and Beau

Prep: Harley

Year One: Josh, Finley, Charlie H, Will

Year Two: Hugh

Year 3: George and Ava

Year 4: Stirling, Jake, Zoe W

Year 5: Liam and Sally

Best “Duo” Costume: Ella and Macey (Year 5)

Best Costume Overall: Liam Baulch

Best Class Theme: Year 2

Best Teacher Costume: Mrs. O’Brien

See below pictures of the amazing day!


Alphabet fun

One of the most important things to know when using the library is the alphabet! So this week the Piccino group tackled some alphabet tasks Ro make sure they know the order of the alphabet which will help them find books. They all worked together wonderfully and got the job done just in time for lunch (the most loved time of the day!). 

There were some very proud little people when it was all said and done. Thank you to the prep class for creating the home made picture alphabet last term. It came in very handy for our lesson. 

Poetry in the Library

At times we need to show children that there are things in the library that they have overlooked, don’t think they’ll like or just didn’t know existed. This week I have shown the Year 3’s that we have poetry in the library! Not only do we have poetry, but I also wanted to show them that poetry is not boring and is easy to create. After borrowing and a bit of poetry sharing, we got stuck in to writing out own poetry with magnets (both real and digital).

They worked in groups taking turns to add words to the poems. The results were a little bit silly, but not all poetry has to make perfect sense right?

Have a look below to see what was created!