Book Week Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday, during book week, the Library committee thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt related to the short listed books from this years Children’s Book Council of Australia books. Despite some rather terrible weather we had quite a few participants and it was great to see the smaller children getting help from their older peers, including a few lovely year 6’s who were willing to help out some very grateful Prep children.

I made up a sheet of riddles, hints and places to look and all of our library committee members ran around hanging up laminated versions of the book covers. The way it worked was that students could work individually, or in groups, and read a clue. Then there was a hint and a clue as to where to look. Once they found the right place there would be 3 book covers to look at. The cover that matched the clue was the one they needed to write down.

Due to the weather and the amount of running that was happening, I didn’t get any pictures, but I have collected all the sheets and found out that we had many individuals and groups who got between 7 and 9 out of a possible 9 answers correct. Great job everyone, as some of them were quite tricky! Here is a copy of the clues so that everyone can have a look at just how hard it was:

Book Week Scavenger Hunt-page-001

Here is a list of those students who got a perfect score and are in the draw for the 1st place prize: Jack, Minnie, Skye, Izzi, Meg, Libby, Zoe W, Sienna, Sybil, Zoe K, Maggie, and Diamon.

Students who scored 8 out of a possible 9 and are in the draw for the second place prize: Sam O, Archer, Stirling, Olivia, Sophie, Josh, Sam L, Will S, and Jasper.

Students who scored 7 out of a possible 10 and are in the draw for the third place prize: Emma, Chantal, Bella, Chloe H.

There were also several students who gave the hunt their best and didn’t quite qualify for a prize, but I was so impressed that they had a go at it, especially considering some of them are young and would have had to use every ounce of reading ability they had just to find the locations, let alone get any questions right and they attempted it on their own! So impressed with these little troopers in year 1: Charlie H, Finley, Ned, Molly, and Laura.

Seeing as this activity was so well received we might try it again for a different event! Watch out for the next scavenger hunt challenge.



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