What Can You Tell About A Book From Its Cover?

Mon5Pairs and threes were give a brown paper parcel and a sheet of questions.

The first thing said:

“Inside this package is a book. DO NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE!”


Then students were asked:

  1. From the size of your book do you think it comes from the Fiction, Non-Fiction or Picture Fiction section?
Tick Section
Picture Fiction


They had to make a judgment purely on the size and shape of the package.

Then they had to work out:

  1. What sort of spine label would you expect it to have:
Tick Type of label



There was a blurb from the back of a book stuck to one side of the package.


Some blurbs were longer than others but student had to make judgments about appealing and uninteresting words contained in the passage and answer the following:

Yes or No Question
Is this blurb written in an interesting way?
Would you be interested in reading this book?
Do you think this book is right for Year 5 students to read?
Do you think you have read a book like this one?
Do you think you have read a book by the same author?

Then there was the challenge of matching the blurb to an image of the cover from 12 images provided.

Just to be tricky, the book inside the package was not necessarily the one that matched the blurb. There was much excitement as packages were opened and the “real” book located amongst the class.

While waiting for the great reveal at the end of the lesson students spent some time reading quietly.


Students and staff voted this the best lesson so far this year!




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