Caulfield Grammar Project

I am so happy to report that we have finished our first collaborative project with Caulfield Grammar school today. After many weeks of preparation and presentation making, we finished off with a very exciting Google Hangout. This is a it like Skype in that we were able to see and hear the year 3 class from Caulfield Grammar and ask them questions bout where they live and what it is like to live in a suburban area. Some of the questions they asked us were:

  1. If you run out of water in your water tanks, what do you do? Answer: We can use bore water to drink and if we do not have a bore we can call and get a truck load of water delivered to our house and put into our tanks.
  2. What does the bore water look like when it comes out of the ground? Answer: It is a little bit brown, but you can still drink it. (Some of the suburban students found this to be less than appealing!)
  3. What kind of things do you grow on your farms? Answer: Canola, Kumquats, Beef, Sheep, and Dairy.
  4. What are the names of some of the towns outside of Hamilton and what are they called? Answer: Penola is about an hour away, Tarrington is 10 minutes away, Warrnambool is 1 hour away, Carramut is about 30 minutes away.
  5. Do you have boarders and why do they board? As we didn’t have any year 3 boarders, Emily from the senior campus was happy to step in and answer their question. Answer: I only board occasionally when I am too busy to travel back and forth as I live about an hour away. Some students board full time but go home on weekend and some students only go home on the school holidays. 

    CGS also answered some of our questions about living in the city:

    1. Why do you not have an ambulance station in your town (suburb) and what do you do without one?  Answer: They shut ours down because there are lots of other ones near by. The next suburb has an ambulance station so it doesn’t take long for the ambulance to get to us.

    2. Do you buy all of your food from the supermarket or do you grow and kill some of your own animals for food? Answer: We have veggie patches in our backyards, but most of our food comes from the shops                                                                                   3. How long would it take you to get to school when there is a lot of traffic?  Answer: It wouldn’t take any of them longer than 30 minutes to get to school, even if it was very busy.

This was a fun experience and it seemed as if all of the students were very excited to participate. Below are some pictures of the big event.


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