Book Review Time!

Rub your hands together – it’s new book time at The Hamilton and Alexandra College! The first two books that I have chosen to review I have chose purely based on their covers and general illustration style (I know, not great leading by example).

The first is a lovely, heartwarming story called “Mrs. Dog” by Janeen Brian & Marjorie Crosby-Fairall.

Mrs Dog

This is a story of how unconditional love comes back in spades. Mrs. Dog finds an abandoned lamb and raises him as her own. They go on adventures together and she teaches him many things. One day Mrs. Dog finds herself in a bit of trouble and the life lessons she taught the little lamb end up being her saving grace. This is a great book about teaching children to be kind to each other because one day they might need their friends to do something kind for them. I guess it is the old “Pay It Forward” theory. There is always room for more kindness in the world, and because of this, you should read this book and read it to your children.


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