Making Connections: Caulfield Grammar School


We are excited to announce a new relationship with on of the year 3 classes at Caulfield Grammar School – Wheelers Hill Campus. As part of our curriculum we ensure we are teaching students to communicate effectively and safely using digital means. In this instance we are going to be integrating our year 3 inquiry unit on transportation with the CGS Year 3 inquiry unit on Rural, Suburban and Urban Living. We will be exchanging presentations made by the children over the next few weeks as well as organising a live, online question/answer period the week after NAPLAN. The kids are excited to be sharing their knowledge of the area with “city kids.”

After an initial survey of the children in our year 3 class, it is apparent that many of them are living on farms of various descriptions and most travel a good distance to get to school each morning. We think these will be two major differences between how we live and the CGS children live.

As soon as we have received some more information from the CGS year 3’s we will be sure to pass it on to all of you!


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