I could be a…

ELC, Prep and Year 1 have taken a leap into the world of imagining. Imagining their future. Some of them did it in a realistic manner and others let their minds run and came up with some less realistic, but much more amusing imaginings.

We read the book “I could be a superhero” by Chris Hornsey.

I could be a superhero cover

This is a delightful story of a dog who tries to imagine all the things he could do with his life. Tightrope walker and astronaut are just a couple of the possibilities he comes up with. After reading this book we talked about some of the things the students might want to be when they grow up. We told them there was no limit on what they could come up with.

This activity is a lovely way of giving children a stimulus to help trigger a conversation, an art project or an activity. See below for the finished product!

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