Dewey Detectives

On Monday Year 5 heard about the power of ideas from a beautiful book that is popular with all our Library staff. They enjoyed the different experience of being read to and quickly identified the illustrator’s device of contrasting colour with shades of grey.

What do you do with an idea

Students were then introduced to an idea of Mrs. Simkin’s aimed at developing their library locating skills.  All present were challenged to complete some tasks to gain their detective badges. Special, individualised tasks were set for each student, based on their reading interests. These required them to answer two particular questions about the call numbers we place on the books in our collection. They then had to solve a code by detecting where the number they were given lived on the shelf.

All good detectives collect evidence so in this case a photograph was taken. With apologies to those whose images were too blurry and thanks to forensic photographer Harley!



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