Library Committee Minutes Term 1 Week 6

The first meeting of the Library Committee for 2016 has occurred at the Handbury Library. We had 4 student representatives turn up, but I am sure that there will be more in weeks to come!

Here is what happened in our very first meeting!

Meeting #1

In Attendance:

Finn (Prep), Maggie (Yr 4) , Luke (Yr 1) and Samual (Yr 1).

Overview of Goals for the Year:

We hope to come together once a fortnight to discuss a few different things about the library. One is what events we would like to have happening in the library. Another is any changes we might like to see in the library. We would also like to find out what all of the students in the school want to see happening at the library.

Suggestions for the Library:

  1. Book display shelves should change weekly and should correspond to any events coming up such as Easter, Christmas, ANZAC, National Kids Day, etc
  2. More star wars books
  3. A suggestion box in the library so people don’t have to write their names on the suggestions if they don’t’ want to.
  4. Go back to their classes and ask them what they want to see happening in the library at lunch times and in general. Ask classmates what kind of events they might like to have held here, are there any changes they would like to see? We will use this information to form our direction for the year.

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