Year 5 Leading a Review of This Blog

Last week Year 5 started work on our plans to revamp this blog. They spent their lesson working in allocated groups to discuss how the site could be different, and how they might get involved in leading a competition to rename the blog.

blog group work 4There were 5 groups of workers and the leaders were chosen on the basis of who had borrowed the most books so far this year. This proved to be a difficult selection criterion as apart from three voracious readers, there was then a number who were equal, some of whom missed out.

blog group work 3Leaders were: Luke, Lily B., Christian, Charlie and Archie and the comments that came back were very helpful.

Blog group work 2Mrs. Nettleton and I are already incorporating a number of the suggestions: more videos and photographs, and more information on new books for example, but there  is still a great suggestion that we include a book of the week as part of the process.

blog group work 1Perhaps parents might like to reply to this post and let us know what they would like to see!


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