Year 4 – gearing up for a new adventure.


Today in year 4 we have made a start at perfecting books reports so that we can video them and share them with my previous school in Crib Point on the Mornington Peninsula. Students were asked what we should include in a book report:

Title, author, illustrator, main characters,what you liked, plot, recommendations for age group and reading ability.

With these instructions they paired up and either did their report on a book they had both previously read or choose a picture book, read it and report on that. This caused a very happy “teacher moment for me when I looked around and saw children reading and discussing books together – I’m going to be honest. I got a little giddy! Oh, and I also took pictures!!

After their initial reports are done, students are going to write a script of what they are going to say and then we will record a video for each pair. They have all been told if they put in enough effort that videos will also be posted on the blog! Judging by their hard work so far we will have a few blog posts coming up.

I have also asked the year 4s to keep an eye out for awesome books they would like to share with others via a review. Once they read a book. They can come and tell me their review of it and I will add it to the blog for them. I know a few of them have some new Lamont fiction books and it would be great to get a kids perspective on the new arrivals.


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