Year 2’s Practice Book Reviews



Part of the Year 2 curriculum is being able to identify all the parts of a book, create summaries of the plot, and identify the different types of texts in the library. We also incorporate teaching ICT skills in our library lessons as this is such an integral part of their everyday lives and education in Primary, Secondary and beyond. The combination of these two things has led to a great idea (well, I think its pretty awesome), which culminates in our Junior Campus students sharing information on what books they are reading, what the books are about, why they like them and who they would recommend them to. While the first step is to share these sorts of reviews with their Junior Campus peers, the final goal is to share their reviews with the students of Crib Point Primary School on the Mornington Peninsula and ultimately with schools around the world. We plan on utilising several modes of communication including our blog, Skype, and an app called TouchCast, to name a few.

We have already created a book review, as a class, in year two library last week. We are now going to break this review up into a script and video the children giving the report. Here is their report below.

Year 2 Collaborative Book Report pictureThe format for the video review is still up for discussion , so it will be interesting to see what they come up with! I will be sure to post their first ever video book review in another blog post for everyone to see. It would be fantastic to get feedback on what they could do to make it more interesting, fun and informative for when we deliver our first out-of-college review.

As a side note, as part of our ICT teaching goals, we are consistently delivering a message to the students about cyber safety. I feel that although it is important for all kids to engage with technology, they also need to be aware of their digital footprint and keeping themselves safe while making the most of all the technology available to them.


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