Library Labels – Prep Style!



I think just about everyone knows that libraries can be intimidating, especially when you are still a rather small human and can’t read as well as your larger peers. Then consider that some guy named Dewey (which when I was four, sounded like a pretty funny name), put all the books in this crazy order and then expected you to understand where to find that Where’s Wally book with very little effort. Additionally, some of the stuff is then placed in alphabetical order (and you’ve only just realised that c, k, and q can ALL make the same sound at the start of a word) and basically you end up being a rather confused little person not sure where to find your favourite Pamela Allen book. Well never fear! The Preps are here!

Our very creative and thoughtful preps have created picture labels for every letter of the alphabet in the picture storybook section of the Handbury library. They did an amazing job and powered through having to do several each to complete the alphabet. If you are ever in the Handbury Library area and want to have a look, please peek your head in and see their wonderful work! If you find that you aren’t on Campus all that often I have taken lots of pictures for you to enjoy. Just click on the link below!

The Prep Answer to Alphabetical Labeling

Stay tuned for the next installment of Preps in the Library!

Mrs. Nettleton.


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