Library Assistants Everywhere!

It’s not everyday that I get three classrooms of students who come in and are such amazing helpers! On Thursdays I am graced by the presence of the year twos, year ones and preps. This week we wanted to make sure that all of the children were well aware of how to find books in our library. We have realised that some of the younger children are having trouble identifying the letters representing the last name of the authors in that particular section. The prep children have assisted me in coming up with a solution! They have started drawing pictures that help identify each section. For instance, the F section will have a picture of a Frog on it, the O Section will have a picture of an Octopus. They worked very hard and got half of the alphabet done and considering there was only 6 students to help out that day, I would say that put in a pretty valiant effort. There will be photographic evidence of their efforts once they are completed and put up!

The year ones and twos took some time to do some group discussion about the best way to complete certain tasks while in the library. The most important ones were deemed to be:

  1. How to find a book in the Picture Storybook Section.
  2. How to search for a book using our library cataloging system “Orbit”.
  3. How to find a book in the non-fiction section

These groups went away and discussed the steps required to complete these tasks and then came back to the group to report on how it should be done. As they reported back to me (Mrs. Nettleton) I wrote down their instructions so that we could create a poster. This poster has now been hung up and is available for the children to reference each and every time they enter the library!

how to week 3


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