Preps + Books = Fun

The prep students have been having a great time in the library. After allowing a week to get ourselves back in the library groove, week 2 saw us getting right into the thick of things and creating our very own story.

We read the always popular “Diary of a Wombat” by Jackie French. We talked about how this book is indeed written like a diary; showing the daily activities of the wombat in short, sharp descriptions. They said it was funny and they liked the antics that she got up to.


We then used this book as an inspiration for the children to create their own animal book written like a diary. This particular publication has been titled “Our School Echidna – Richard” and can be viewed by following these instructions:

(this will require the download of a free App called Story Creator – unfortunately this one is Apple based)

1. Download the Story Creator app from the App Store from the link below

2. Click on the link below to view my story
Our School Echidna – Richard
I can’t wait to report on what they get up to next!

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